Your First Visit

Your First Visit with Perfect Stride Podiatry

Below you will find out about what to expect from your first visit, what to bring and how much an appointment will cost below and more. If you cannot find what you’re after feel free to contact us via the form on this page or Contact Us.

We are here to help!

New Client and Consent Form
When you book your first appointment, you will be sent a New Client Form to complete before your Podiatry appointment. This helps us to understand your health concerns, medical history, goals and impacts of your current health.

Appointment Reminder
We will send you a reminder for your appointment to confirm that you will attend. Please see our cancellation and payment policies to ensure you understand what we require to provide you and all of our clients with exceptional care.

We love to give you as thorough assessment and advice as possible. The following will help our consultation

Your Clothing
Comfortable, stretchy clothing ie shorts or tights

Your Orthotics
If you have orthotics, feel free to bring them in however we do not need them to make you new ones

Regular Footwear
that you wear at work, home, exercise and to the shops

If your health care provider or WorkCover has provided you a referral, please bring it with you. Otherwise, you will not need one to see us.

Imaging and Scan Reports
Please bring any Xrays/MRI/Ultrasounds of your Foot, Legs, Hips and Spine

Medicare / DVA Card, Health Fund Card
Remember to check with your health fund if you have Podiatry Cover

Payment method
We accept Card and Cash and we can process your Medicare or Health Fund Claims.

Your Goals
What do you want to get out of seeing a Podiatrist? We want to get the best outcome for you so the more guidance of your goals, the better!

You will receive a welcome email with directions on parking, facilities nearby and where to find us 2 days before your appointment.

We would love for you to arrive to your appointment 10 mins early to welcome you and prepare you for your appointment.

We Listen, We Care
We want to understand your concerns, challenges and goals so that we can work together for your best outcomes!

Our Expertise
We will give you a thorough assessment and discuss our findings in a simple to understand way. See our Services Page for more details on what we do.

Our Network
We will support your health needs through our support network of Health Professionals and small businesses who can help us to help you in all aspects of your health needs. This could be footwear brands and supply partners to give you the best quality knowledge and materials to help you achieve your health goals.

Your Plan
We will start to discuss how we can manage your health concerns and we will provide you with a copy of your treatment plan so that you can be sure to know what to expect with each appointment.

Your rebates
When we process your payments we will also process your rebates immediately so that you are able to receive your rebates as quickly as possible.

Book in your appointments
To achieve your best outcome we will book in the first few appointments. We prioritise your needs to initiate your treatment plan without delay of waiting for appointments so that you are moving towards the right track.

Activate your Exercise Plan
If we have identified that you would benefit from an exercise program, we will activate it and send you details.

Communicate with your health team
We will provide your health care team with a report to ensure they are up to date with your progress. This may include your GP and any other therapists who will be involved with your care.

Contact Us any time
We believe in open communication is the best way to get great results. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or need to discuss how you are going.

Late Notice Fee
We’re proud to offer our services and value your time so you can plan your day effectively.

  • If we ask you to change your appointment within 12 hours to a different day, we may offer you a bonus appointment with no out of pocket fee.
  • If you need to reschedule an appointment you must provide us with at least 12 hours’ notice to avoid a fee.
  • If you miss an appointment without notice the full fee will apply.
  • We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of scheduled appointment times, and we do take extenuating circumstances into consideration.


  • Missed appointment: $80
  • Late notice change of appointment: $80
  • Health fund benefits do not apply to these fees

We believe in making your life easy by offering multiple payment options including Cash, Credit and Debit Card, on the spot Health Fund & Medicare Claiming.

We receive payments at the end of each consultation. Your fees are discussed with you before commencing treatment to ensure you understand and provide financial consent.

Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan formerly Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC)
Clients who have been referred under a Chronic Disease Management Plan and DVA, we require a current referral to be provided before or at the time of your consultation to be eligible to receive the rebate.

If you are referred under WorkCover, we require a referral and acknowledgement from your case coordinator demonstrating that fees will be their responsibility and accept payment. If you do not have this arrangement, you can pay upfront and WorkCover may reimburse you.

If you are a client receiving NDIS, we currently can offer self managed clients our services in which you will be required to pay upfront and we will provide you with a receipt to be reimbursed by NDIS.

My Aged Care
Clients under a My Aged Care Package can receive Podiatry care within their package. We require a request from your My Aged Care provider to provide services. Once the request is received, we can discuss fees relating to your Podiatry needs. An invoice will be provided directly to the provider at the end of each appointment.

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