Nail Surgery In Gwandalan & Wadalba

Perfect Stride Podiatry has a subtle and gentle approach to nail surgery ensuring your comfort is our focus.

Nail surgery is a simple and routine procedure that is used to heal recurring ingrowing nails and nail deformities. A Partial Nail Surgery is the most commonly performed as only a small section of the side of your nail that curves down the side of your toe is removed. As your skin heals, it grows alongside your toenail giving it a normal appearance.

Nail surgery is performed in the Podiatry chair and we numb the toe with local anaesthetic. We always conduct a thorough assessment in an appointment before booking you in for Nail Surgery where we assess your medical history, physical health and self care capabilities.
After the surgery is complete, we provide you with home care instructions and we will book you in for your next appointments to check the progress your healing. Complete healing is usually 6-8 weeks.

So if you are concerned with your ingrowing nails, our Podiatrists can help you to resolve your them once and for all with our gentle and subtle approach to nail surgery.

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