Frequently Asked Questions

You can find our most frequently asked questions about what to expect, what to bring and how much an appointment will cost below. If you cannot find what you’re after feel free to contact us via the form on this page or Contact Us. We are here to help!

  • Heel pain, arch pain and forefoot pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Neuromas and Nerve entrapment conditions
  • Shin Splints and Shin pain
  • Skin and Nail Care
  • Remove Corns and Calluses
  • Ingrowing Toenail nails
  • Diabetes Foot Care
  • Chronic Foot Pain
  • Gait and posture problems
  • Child and Adolescent concerns
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Ankle Injuries

At your first appointment, we will welcome you and ensure that we have all of your correct personal details. You will then be greeted by your Podiatrist who will ask about how you are, your current concerns and any relevant medical history that we need to know.

We will then guide you to the Podiatry chair to perform assessments which you can show us and discuss exactly what you are feeling. Depending on what you are attending for, we will progress to a hands on assessment to look for signs of discomfort and pain, visual appearance of your legs and feet and we will perform any further assessments to look at how your feet and legs are functioning which may include check your blood flow, nerve sensation, muscle strength, joint range of motion and how you walk.

We will discuss anything that we find and what it means in terms of what your concerns are and how we treat it. We will provide treatment to assist to make you comfortable and will provide you with a management plan which will be reviewed to ensure it is being adjusted according to how you are responding to treatment. Once your appointment is completed, we will book your next appointment for you, process your payment and we will set up access to exercise programs and provide your health team with a report of our findings and management plan if you wish for them to be advised.

You do not need a referral to see a Podiatrist. If you would like to access rebates under a Chronic Disease Management Plan (Medicare), DVA, My Aged Care, NDIS or Work Cover, you will need to provide us with a referral or supporting documentation on your eligibility to access these payments.

Wadalba – Parking is available next to our clinic which is at the back of the Village shops. The entrance to the parking is located on Van Strappen Road, Wadalba next to the Child Care Centre.

Gwandalan – Parking is available at the front of Gwandalan Summerland Medical Centre within the Gwandalan Complex

Yes Podiatry is covered by Private Health Insurance but not all levels of cover include Podiatry. You are best to contact your Health fund to check your level of cover.

Yes, we can process your claim through our claiming system on Medipass. As part of your end of consultation process, you will be sent a text message or email to view your invoice, confirm your payment details and to verify that you received the service before the claim is processed for you.

Yes we do! See the Payments Policy for more information for each type.

How can we help you? We love being transparent and to best answer your question, we first need to find out what your needs are. Give us a call or chat to us here online and we will be happy to discuss the fees with you.

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