Ingrown Nail Treatment In Gwandalan & Wadalba

Ingrowing nails are often painful and can cause a lot of problems like sleeplessness, reduced activity, difficulty in wearing shoes as well as health risks with long term infection. We are professionally trained to help you to solve your problem.

We offer multiple Ingrowing Nail treatment options which include Nail Spicule Trimming, Nail Bracing and Partial or Total Nail Surgery. We look at multiple factors when considering your best management plan such as how frequently the ingrowing nail occurs and your ability to perform proper nail trimming techniques, your health, how well you heal, and your preference in aesthetic appearance.

Nail Trimming

We use our expertise and special ingrowing nail tools and techniques to gently trim and shape the corner edge of the nail to remove the ingrowing nail and aid in the normal nail edge to grow out. This is often quick and the easiest to perform on simple ingrowing nails that might have occurred from improper nail cutting techniques.

Nail Bracing

Nail Bracing is a gentle and effective alternative to nail surgery. The braces are glued to your toe nail which encourage the nail edges upwards to reduce the amount the nail curves. This allows the nail to be shaped and repositioned over time. A commitment of every 6 weeks over a 12 month period is required to adjust the brace as the nail grows.

Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery is used to permanently remove the ingrowing nail and stop it from returning. This is a great option for people who have extremely curved nails, a significant infection and swelling or people who have had ingrowing nails return frequently. This is a minor procedure performed with a local anaesthetic to numb the toe.

Are you concerned about discomfort?

For some people, developing an ingrowing nail is a very painful experience and are concerned about someone touching their toe. We can numb your toe to provide a more comfortable experience while the problem nail is addressed. We will make sure your time with us is as comfortable as possible.

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