Our Team

Meet the Perfect Stride Podiatry Team

Our incredible team is a happy and enthusiastic bunch of people with the same passion to help our community lead a healthy and active life.

Our growing team of Podiatrists, Ashley Lindsay, Jackson McDonald and Natalie Rattray, all have varying interests and passions in Podiatry are all exceptionally equipped to help our clients reach their health potentials. We are always ready to look for better ways to help our clients and build our referring network for our clients and community.

Our Client Support team, Trudy Wehl, is here to welcome and assist you. You will find her happy and bubbly attitude to life a real delight. She is always more than willing to go above and beyond to assist in any way that she can to make your experience with Perfect Stride Podiatry enjoyable.

Meet the Perfect Stride Podiatry Client Experience Team

Trudy Wehl

CEO (Client Experience Officer)

Trudy is a fabulous, positive and helpful Client Support Team member who genuinely wants to make sure each person is welcomed into our Perfect Stride tribe. We are fortunate to have Trudy as an integral member of our team with her experience in Customer Service, Event Management and Nursing. She is here to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible.

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