Meet Podiatrist Kari Cuffe

Kari Cuffe


Kari’s journey into healthcare started on the Gold Coast, where she grew up and studied at Griffith University. Amidst her medical studies, a Tokyo Disney audition in her first semester led her to a 12-year career as a professional dancer, singer, and aerial artist abroad. Despite the glamour, injuries were frequent. What made rehab challenging was finding practitioners who understood the unique demands of her profession, creating a personal quest for the right healthcare connection.

Returning to her roots, Kari joined the podiatry team at Queensland Ballet. Her own experiences fueled a passion for bridging the gap between artists and healthcare, educating practitioners on the specific needs of those whose bodies are both their passion and livelihood.

Beyond the stage, Kari is committed to keeping her patients moving. Whether you’re walking, swimming, or even executing a perfect jeté, Kari is dedicated to propelling you forward.
Career-wise, from Disneyland to Moulin Rouge and beyond, Kari’s performance credits are as diverse as her patient base. Alongside her professional pursuits, Kari enjoys gardening, finding solace in nurturing her plants. At home, her beloved cat Midge keeps her company, offering a different kind of healing presence.

In her academic journey, Kari mastered both RAD and CSTD dance syllabi, covering classical, jazz, theatrical, and tap genres. From RAD Grades 1-5 to Advanced 2 and CSTD grades, she delved deep into the art and attained teacher’s certification.

With Kari, healthcare isn’t just a profession—it’s a personal mission to ensure everyone, including her plants and Midge, keeps moving forward.

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