Posture Assessment Services In Gwandalan & Wadalba

At Perfect Stride Podiatry, we love to help people live the most active and fulfilling life that they can. Our bodies can sometimes need a helping hand to restore function, improve comfort and mobility. Pain or injuries can occur due to malalignments, muscle imbalances, poor footwear choice, exercise or occupation specific overuse of muscles, surgeries or injuries.

We can diagnose the root cause of your issue by performing a thorough Postural (Biomechanical) Assessment which looks at how your body is moving when you are walking or running (Gait Analysis), your Joint Motion, Muscle Condition and Activation of your foot and lower limb. We can assess any compensation patterns, pressure areas, joint restrictions, hypermobility and malalignments.

We use a Postural Assessment to guide our education and treatment options which focus on addressing the true cause to relieve your symptoms and improve your function.

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