Covid-19 Policy


At Perfect Stride Podiatry, we take Infection Control very seriously. We have an exceptional Infection Control standard on a day to day basis, so we well practised in these procedures. Following the advise from the World Health Organisation and the Australian Health Department, we are now practicing and exceeding the infection control recommendation for the ‘Very High Risk’ category as indicated by the Australian Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Infection Control in Healthcare (2019). To view the guidelines, please click here to view.

So what are we doing to keep you, our community, and our team safe?

We have implemented the following protocols:

1. Screening clients PRIOR to and upon arrival of their appointment

Clients are requested to postpone their appointment if:

  • They have been ANYWHERE overseas within the last 21 days
  • Been diagnosed or been in contact with someone with Coronavirus in the last 21 days
  • Have Flu or Cold like symptoms such as Fever, Cough, Runny Nose or Sore throat.

Please note we are mentioning 21 days instead of the recommended 14 days as our screening measure as we want to be absolutely certain that we are not putting our clients at risk.

If you are required to postpone your appointment, one of our Podiatrists will be in contact to ensure you are well and offer and advice for the interim to assist you until you are able to attend.

2. Increased Infection Control Measures

We are governed by strict Infection Control Protocols as instructed within the Australian Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Infection Control in Healthcare (2019). We under normal circumstances practice a high standard of infection control. We have since increased our measures to exceed the recommendations under the ‘Very High Risk’ category. This includes:

  • Asking clients to wait in the car until we call them to come in for their appointment
  • Opening and closing treatment room door
  • Offering clients to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser prior to entering the room
  • We will wear a mask during the whole consultation
  • We will wash our hands prior to and after treatment
  • We will not accept cash to reduce risks
  • We clean every surface, including door handles, benchtops, chairs etc with a 2 step clean manual clean. First with Neutral Detergent and then with a Hospital Grade disinfectant.

3. Home Visits and Online Consultation is available

We are committed to ensure our Podiatry services remain available to clients who may be immunocompromised or are uneasy about attending the clinic. We are now offering Online Consultations for clients who require advice or rehabilitation. We are committed to ensure every client of ours continues to move forward in their health. You may book online or please call 4976 1882 to arrange an appointment with our team.

For clients requiring hands on treatment or therapy, we are able to offer home visits to assist. The screening requirements to ensure you are well still applies to ensure the health of our team and other clients to be seen as well. We will wear gloves and mask before entering the house to ensure everyones safety. We also carry our own hand sanitizer and hand washing equipment in our car to maintain hand hygiene without utilising clients facilities.

If you have any further enquiries, we welcome you to contact us on 02 4976 1882.

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